Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

I just returned on Monday from the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live convention in Kansas City, where I had a great time.  A handful of us combined our booths to make one massive booth and also drove out from San Diego together to save some money.

Here is a photo of our booth setup, followed by my part of the booth:

The artists were, from left to right, Lucas Graciano, RT Schutter (me), Michael C Hayes, Tom Babbey and Eric Velhagen.

We also did a relay death dealer painting while at the convention, which I thought turned out pretty good.  Eric Velhagen did the sketch and we all worked on the painting, with a few special guests including Justin Gerard, Jeremy Wilson, and Steve Argyle.

Over all the trip was a fun experience, but the long drive (26 hours each way) meant we spent way more time in the car than on the convention floor.  It was still great spending time with all of my buddies, and I hope nobody got too annoyed with me on the trip!

I got some great feedback on my own work, and I also purchased two Christopher Moeller paintings which I will hopefully post photos of soon.


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